About Us

(Left to Right): Bruce and Fiona

Fiona is my first dog as a grown up and my first true love. Having never been exposed to the breed, she was a gift from my parents and she is probably my favorite gift ever… ever! Her ride-or-die personality is one of her best traits as she’s been through multiple cross country moves with me, acquired a brother she probably didn’t want (but has learned to love), and unconditional love and friendship are unmatched.

Bruce, where do I start with Bruce? He entered the picture with the thought of “Fiona needs a friend”. Poof appeared Bruce! From a small town outside of Palm Springs, CA, Bruce is a sweet and very particular boy. His most enduring quality is his loyalty to his family and pack while never letting things bother him. He also give hugs like baby elephants which is a great feeling.

About Me

You can never forget me if you see me walking down the street! I’m the crazy lady who’s with the combined 300 lbs posse of pups! I’m passionate about my fur children, cooking, living a healthy life, and family.