The Great Furniture Debate

Creamy or crunchy peanut butter? Cocktail or beer or wine? Dogs on the couch or on their bed? Oy. I know. I know. Dogs on furniture are not exactly ideal. It hinders a certain cleanliness factor that we all want (and quite frankly need with giant breeds in my life). On the flip side, they also provide a nice warm blanket (cause they’re so big) when you want to cuddle and relax. I’m just wondering… who’s side are you on? Get on up here and let’s cuddle or go lay down in your bed?? Let the great furniture debate begin!

Life When They Were Younger

I was in my early 20s when I got Fiona so the only furniture we acquired was the free type! Any sort of hand-me-downs and Craigslist items I could find seems to suit me just fine. After a couple of years out to the curb it went and on to the next set of “newer” used items. When Bruce came into the picture, I was older and my style was evolving. I wanted to get pieces of furniture I liked because I liked them. Not because they were free. Hello gigantic three-piece sectional! Bonjour king-sized bed!

Hello Gorgeous! King-sized bed fit for a Queen!

When I acquired all these fabulous items I was a single girl and loved the companionship of having my dogs sit and watch whatever was on Bravo with me. Loved. This. Feeling! At night there was no better feeling than to be in a sandwiched between two giants and sleep until one of their dreams or snores woke me. Which inevitably happened daily..

New Routine

Since moving in with my guy, he has respectfully opted out of my usual routine of blankets or sheets to protect the couch. I thought I was saving the amount of fur that could make it’s way into all sorts of crevices by putting sheets on top. Instead we are trying to “retrain” the dogs to not get on the couch. Imagine how that’s going when the floors are damn cold in the winter and they’ve been allowed up there their entire lives. I feel for them! However, summer’s they’ll be grateful for non-carpeted floors.

Fiona’s reaction when I asked her to get off the couch…

All Things Take Time

You can only imagine how well that’s going when their entire lives have been pretty unrestricted. At first it made me feel really sad to deny that heavy Bruce head an area of the couch to sit and hang with me. After a month or so, it’s been getting better and they aren’t doing anything when we’re at home. Therein lies the caveat. “When we’re at home.” I’ve on occasion ran back in the house forgetting my tea or something and I walk into all dogs wherever they want. They aren’t stupid. When that door locks, they have free range. Honestly, I couldn’t even get mad. Instead of fussing about it, I applauded them on knowing that they can really do whatever the f— they want.

Realistic Goals

After presenting a case to the fella, we decided to adopt a “don’t invite them up and don’t get upset if it happens” policy. This new household policy means:

  • Don’t know what’s happening when we aren’t in the house so can’t get upset if we don’t “catch them in the act”
  • Don’t invite them up with you: It’ll take some getting used to but its compromise for the humans.
  • Make sure all the dog bed options are available and if possible keep a nice inviting Nylabone on each bed… you know, a reason for them to get cozy.
  • Bed is definitely off limits. Two humans in a king size bed is wonderful. They don’t seem to mind actually because they’re all in the room with us anyways which I think they find to be the best part.

Interested to hear what y’all think and if you allow your dogs on the furniture! 

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