How Much Do They Eat?

“How much do they eat?”
“What do you feed them? Small children?!”
“You must go through a lot of food!”

“How much do you spend in dog food?”

Above are frequent questions I encounter by loving giants. My response to those questions are (in order): “A lot!”, “Mainly just dog kibble”, and “A. Lot.” I try not to think about that last one because… it’s adds up!!

Bruce had his annual at the end of last year and because of his breed and age, we’ve decided to change up his diet a bit! Our brand of choice has always been Hill’s Science Diet. I’ve always fed this brand through every stage of their lives and have received terrific feedback from my vets and others who see them on the street! My dogs love it and it’s always kept them healthy and looking really good!

The new bag of food for Bruce is the Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Healthy Mobility. It now means Fiona and Bruce are on the same bag of dog food again (the stars have aligned)! Mainly we discussed him switching over to a joint based diet food because of his size. With the mass he carries on all his bones, something extra for those joints would be oh so helpful in maintaining a healthy weight and giving him the boost where his body could use it!


Weight: 185 lbs
Age: 5 years old (36 years old in human years)
Quantity: Eats twice a day; 4 cups per meal totaling 8 cups/day. Side note – Bruce isn’t keen on people food. You’d think for a guy his size he devours everything in sight… not the case!


Weight: 115 lbs
Age: 9 years old (61 years old in human years)
Quantity: Eats twice a day; 2 cups per meal totaling 4 cups/day. After Fiona’s last annual, I increased her amount slightly as she lost close to 10 lbs in a year. My vet decided it was probably because of how her body is metabolizing protein. She is also getting egg whites occasionally to help give her some extra protein.

I’m very grateful that the high-quality that Science Diet provides allows me to feed them less cups per day. I did a random Google search that showed the average mastiff (180 lbs) ate about 10-12 cups a day (“That’s crazy!” – says the lady with two mastiffs).

This isn’t an advertisement. I didn’t get paid to write this but would looove some compensation in the future! The math behind what I’m spending and have spent on dog food in the past 9 years makes me wonder why sometimes. (DON’T DO THE MATH) Then I look at those drooly faces after their breakfast and dinners and Those foamy, slimy faces tell me “Thank you for loving us enough to care about what goes in our bodies.” Almost immediately followed by drool on my clean clothes.

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