The Good, Bad, and Kind-of Costly Habits

The annual vet visit occurred! Let’s rejoice in ensuring that bodies are healthy and if not, remedying those particular issues so we can be! Vet visits can be anxiety ridden for both pup and human alike (mainly me).

Great news from the visit: Fiona is looking great and at 9 years old for a giant breed her body is doing all sorts of good things for her!

  • Weight under control – she’s going to start eating more protein because I found out girls her age sometime don’t absorb protein at the same rate. Now, I can start making egg whites for us both!
  • Teeth, ears, and eyes look good – I’ll be continuing with our ear wash remedy to remove gunk from her horizontal ear canal
  • Joints look good – phew!
  • One problem – She has a UTI. Got antibiotics will be better in three (3) days, woo!

The Problem at Large

Fiona (even as a puppy) has always had issues with UTIs. She’s prone to this issue as she’s a bigger girl that doesn’t lift much off the ground when she goes no. 1. Her lack of unknowing cleanliness is an issue I’m pretty aware of as we’ve gone through multiple throughout her lifetime. It’s a horrible feeling for her because I can see the shame in her eyes when she has an accident inside. And she never goes inside…

Making Her Feel Better

After a visit and conversation with our vet (Matt), we are exploring a couple of really great options both in the now and down the road. Here are a few of the recommendations he suggested:

  • Antibiotics – Fiona’s lab results showed she needed medicinal help (which I personally use as a last resort). Antibiotics are the most effective because of her lab results. I’m grateful she takes these down without any issues. No problems just putting them in her regular food and down they go!
  • Hibiclens Antimicrobial/Antiseptic Skin Cleanser – Due to Fiona’s lack of hygiene, as a preventative, I’ll be cleaning her problem areas to ensure she’s getting properly sanitized.

I’m happy to report that she’s doing much better and back to her normal self!

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